Direct from our farm to your event! 

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We supply full service raw bar catering to all the major events and wedding coordinators on the Cape and Islands, and we're happy to bring them direct to you. The Cottage City Oyster Raw Bar is an experience unique unto itself. Crafted from an aged whiskey barrel, the raw bar setup is a throw back to the Cottage City time.

What you can expect: Depending on the size and location of the event, we will provide the oyster shucking barrel (a 3-foot, whiskey barrel cut in half - both halves available for larger events), ice, supplies (knives, buckets, gloves, napkins, lemons), staff and Cottage City Oysters. (Shrimp, Lil’ Necks also available!) The shuckers will shuck for the designated time, all the while educating guests on the Cottage City Oyster farm. You bring the watering mouths. 

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