Brothers Dan and Greg Martino, originally from Texas, got into the oyster farming business after working on another farm for a few years. In 2014, Cottage City Oysters was created with the hope of growing the best damn oysters that we can in the most environmentally positive way possible.


Our mission is simple: Provide the best oysters in the most eco-friendly, sustainable way. We strive to do this while providing education and support to our local community. Surprisingly, the eco-friendly and sustainable part is the easiest. Oyster farming is a very organic practice in and of itself. No food or chemicals are used because all of the food is already present in the water column, and he method of cleaning the oysters is done by the Sun, drying the seaweed and barnacles until they fall off. Our raft and equipment is created using the most environmentally friendly choices. No pressure treated chemical wood is used on the farm, and all of our raft equipment is powered by solar electricity, which reduces the potential for gas spills and emmission / noise pollution. The oysters get their good looks and taste from a lot of hard work and a clean environment. Like wine grapes, oysters get their taste from the environment they are grown in; it's called Merroir. We are blessed to be able to grow Cottage City Oysters in one of the best environments in the world, known for the cold, clean, swift moving currents of the Vineyard Sound. Martha's Vineyard is renown for clean water and environmental stewardship. Our focus is to protect, maintain and improve the local environment.