The History of the Cottage City

     Originally incorporated in 1880, Cottage City embraces the northeastern extremity of the island of Martha's Vineyard, Dukes County; and is mainly a place of summer residence, having only the business relating to such occupancy. The town has the ocean on the north and east, Edgartown on the south, and Tisbury on the west and northwest. It is separated from the latter town by Vineyard Haven Harbor and by Lagoon Pond, the latter partially divided from the harbor by a broad sandbar. The coast is formed by steep sand-bluffs, with sandy beaches at their bases. The area, aside from highways and water surfaces, and some sandy marsh, is 1,965 acres. About one third of this is largely occupied by scrub oaks, with trees of larger growth in the vicinity of the camp-grounds and some of the older residences. In 1907 the town's name was changed to Oak Bluffs, because of the growth in the year round population and the changing face of the resort required an acknowledgement that the town was not just a "Cottage City" any more.